How do I remove a debit or credit card for CardSmart Flex pilot?

To remove the debit or credit card associated with your CardSmart Flex account, log in to CardLink Online. Note that if your access is read only, you will be able to see the Payment Method Status, however you will not be able to update the card details. Please contact your Account Administrator for assistance.

  • From the “Summary” tab, in the Manage Credit/Debit Card window, click on the REMOVE button.

  • You are required to confirm that you wish to remove the card by clicking on the CONFIRM button. Please do note that if there is no card associated to your CardSmart Flex account, you will not be able to buy any fuel. If you wish to change the card you are using, please use the REPLACE option.

  • Once you have clicked the CONFIRM button, you will receive a message confirming that the card has been removed.

  • When you are in your account once the card is removed, the Manage Credit/Debit Card window will show the payment method as pending and you will be able to add a new card.

If you are wanting to close your CardSmart Flex account, please click on the Contact Support button below this article.

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