What are the benefits of the ecoDRIVE program?

The ecoDRIVE program was set up as businesses were concerned about the impact of driving on the environment.  By choosing ecoDRIVE, you’re helping to make a positive impact on the planet by planting native forests that contribute to offsetting your fleet’s carbon emissions. We have been proudly offering this initiative to our customers for over 7 years through our partnership with Green Earth Appeal and Green Fleet.

ecoDRIVE plants native forests that are legally protected for 100 years, so you are supporting long-term carbon sequestration while providing habitats for native birds and wildlife. Your contribution will not go unnoticed. Every year, upon request, your business will receive an e-Certificate from CardLink listing the number of trees that have been planted and the expected tonnes of CO2 that will be offset through the programme. This shows the positive impact the ecoDRIVE programme is making with the help of your business.

Visit ecoDRIVE for further information on this initiative.

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