What are Miscellaneous account charges?

From time to time, you might be charged extra fees and charges. This may include paper report fees, overdue fees or over limit fees. Details on these can be found on page 2 of your invoice.

Overdue Fee

We provide customers with interest free credit for up to 51 days, depending on your billing cycle. Most people pay their invoice when it’s due, however when people don’t pay on time the cost for us to chase overdue invoices is substantial. To help recover these costs a late payment fee (also known as an overdue fee) is automatically applied if you have not paid your invoice by the due date.

The late payment fee is made up of a $60 administration fee + GST and interest of up to 10% of the balance on the account.

You can avoid late payment fees by:

  • Setting up a direct debit
  • Making early payments before the due date
  • Making sure your payment details are up to date

Over Limit Fee

Your account is set up with a credit limit based on your application. You can make purchases up to this credit limit. If you exceed this credit limit, you will be charged over limit fees.

The Over Limit Fee is made up of a $60 administration fee + GST and interest of up to 10% of the maximum balance over and above the credit limit reached during the billing period.

You can avoid over limit fees by:

  • Adjusting your payment schedule to fortnightly or weekly
  • Monitoring your account and making interim payments if you are approaching your credit limit
  • Making regular online payments
  • Requesting a credit limit increase – simply reach out to us by selecting Contact Support at the bottom of this page.

Remember to keep an eye on your balance regularly to keep track of your spending. You can check your balance anytime by logging into your CardLink Online account.

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